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  1. 1 month ago
    Easy Controls, Quiet Running, Clean Clothes
    I bought this a month ago and I am very pleased. Easy to use and very quiet. My only complaint is I bough the pedestal drawer to store detergents and my medium size bottles are too tall. Fortunately, I have a cabinet in my laundry room that I can store my laundry detergents, otherwise I would be really upset if I was short on room and storage in my laundry room. I paid $300.00+ for the storage pedestal and I can't even store my laundry products in it. I am however, using it to store not so tall ... read more items. It just doesn't make sense that a washer this big purchased by a family of four could at least accomodate medium to large size laundry detergent bottles. They're a better value.
  2. 1 year ago
    Love this machine
    This machine has just about every feature imaginable - and they all seem to work but you'll need to read the instructions to understand what they do. We've had it for 6 months and have played with about half of them. It's almost 2x the size of our old washer meaning when laundry has to be done, it's 1/2 the number of loads. We also have the drawer for smaller loads and often run them both at the same time. The integration with the SmartThinQ app is great too. Nice to get a text on your phone ... read more so you know when it's time to move the load or if something isn't right with the machine. We saw the negative reviews but have had no trouble with this machine and expect it to last a long time. Our only issue with the product and why it gets 4 stars instead of 5 -The top of the machine is not very sturdy and dents easily. You can not use it to store detergent or other items. Given that you will want/need to put a shelf over it- however LG buries the information you need to make sure you have proper clearance for the shelf. You will need to leave 6 or 7 inches gap in the back of the shelf to allow for ventilation and you will need to leave at least 1 inch clearance above the machine for ventilation . Also not a complaint, but a fact- this machine is massive- If you have the machine on a pedestal or pull out drawer washer, be aware that the machine is quite high and it's depth will make it difficult to access overhead cabinets.
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  3. 3 years ago
    Love this washer. Well worth the money.
    I bought the 5.2cuft sized of this same washer in Sept of 2016 and I am enjoying every bit of it. It has a lot of options that suits my needs and it really washes the clothes very well. The nice thing is that you can load a lot more to wash cutting your wash time. Another good feature is that you can add to the wash once the cycle starts. This was one concern for me when considering between top loader vs front loader. I even love turning the light on in the washer and sit and watch the ... read more clothes wash. Such a pretty washer. My one wish though is that the manual was more discriptive as sometimes you would like know what is happening in the cycles. Also the front readout features would say for example second rinse because some cycles do have two rinse but since it does not carry a lot of water you will not see it when rinsing. This is also why I turn on the interior light.
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  1. 4 weeks ago
    so quiet and efficient!
    We have been so pleased with our new LG washer. The 3D wash really gets clothes clean and fresh in less time. We also appreciate the selection of wash options. We find the clothes are cleaner than the past three machines we have previouslyowned over 45 years of marriage whether wit is a small load or a large one using its huge 5.0 capacity! The washer is quiet in all its cycles including final spin. The direct drive design and ten year warranty clinched the decision for us.
  2. 3 weeks ago
    Love the custom features!!
    I love the many features on this machine. I had a front load washer for 15 years prior to buying this one. I am so impressed with the wash results of this large capacity top load washer. I find myself standing over it watching it go through its cycles. It is quiet, smooth-running, it doesn’t beat up or tangle my clothes. I can wash 1 larger load, which saves water over multiple loads. I love the deep wash! My clothes are cleaner when they come out. It does a great job on blankets and throw rugs! ... read more The spin cycle can be customized to extract the maximum amount of water. I guess I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, this is great technology and I love this washer!! Thanks LG!!!
  3. 4 weeks ago
    Nice washer
    So far, so good. I like the features this washer offers. I had to go through a learning curve, to "teach myself" about this washer. It is nice to be able to get a notification from the app, when the washer finishes. Many different cycles to choose from too. I have the matching dryer also, and they work together through the wifi, and automatically give you the recommended dryer cycle. My clothes seem to get a lot cleaner than my previous "basic" washer got them.
  1. 4 months ago
    LG Direct Drive Washer Model WT7900HBA
    We bought the new LG Direct Drive 14 function washing machine about a month ago. This machine is faster than our old Kenmore Elite washer as it adds the water it needs to run the programmed wash cycle. The 5.5 size drum gives us plenty of room for larger loads. So with quicker cycles to finish a normal load and what looks like cleaner clothes, we could not be happier. The use of their LG Smart ThinQ app and WiFi allows for custom wash cycles and tells us on our cell phone when the load is finished!
  2. 1 month ago
    Great Washer!
    Cleans really good, plenty of washing options and super easy to use. Love that it pairs with the dryer and automatically tells the dryer which drying option to use. Only drawback so far was setting it up on my network was tedious.
  3. 7 months ago
    Impressive Machine!
    This is honestly the first "high-end" washer that I've ever owned and I'm LOVING it. It makes doing laundry a breeze because there are so many different types of wash cycles and the machine senses the load size so I never have to select a multitude of settings manually. It's also high-efficiency so it's saving on electricity and it's remarkably quiet. One thing that I especially love is the tub size--it's huge compared to the washer that I previously owned and what would have once been ... read more considered a "large" load in my last washer now only fills about half of the tub in this one! Another kind of fun thing about it is that the lid has a clear window in it and there's something almost mesmerizing about being able to actually see my laundry being done (my inner child gets a kick out of this). Although not a necessary feature, the machine is also compatible with a downloadable app which allows one to control the wash cycles remotely from a cell phone and it's even possible to have LG help troubleshoot the machine through the app if necessary. Long story short, I'm really happy with the machine so far and it's making me wish that I'd upgraded sooner.
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  1. 1 month ago
    Replaced “Vintage” Maytag
    Had to replace my Maytag washer that was two months shy of 32 years old, so very big shoes to fill. This LG washer has very nice features that take a little getting used to. The wash times are a little longer using “special” cycles, and too early to tell if the quality of the wash is any better than using the “Normal” cycle. Coming from an “agitator” washer, this LG spins a lot more of the water from the clothes at the end of the cycle, and I’ve noticed the dryer time is SIGNIFICANTLY less ... read more on my Maytag dryer that is quickly approaching 32 years.
  2. 1 month ago
    Very pleased with this front loader
    I had the 2009 version of this washing machine and had to replace it due to a leak somewhere near the bottom. Didn't want to troubleshoot the leak since we have a 2nd floor laundry room and the washer owes us nothing. Purchased this right before Christmas and have been extremely pleased. I am amazed how much better this washer is than our previous LG. Our 2nd floor used to shake horribly when it would go in the spin/dry cycle. Not this new one, I thought it had shut off prematurely when it ... read more signaled with the Done Tone. I even threw in a stuffed load of laundry towels (hand towels, body towels and even a few beach towels). This really should have threw the balance off and same result - the shaking and vibrating was very minimal. Hats off to Home Depot delivery specialists for setting it up right and hats off to LG for making a better product
  3. 1 month ago
    I bought this model because it was the size I needed. I could only fit 30.5 inches deep in my space. I was led to LG by consumer reports with listed LG as top rated. I was going to replace my Maytag with another Maytag but after reading consumer reports decided to switch to LG. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and was very please with the email suggestions that LG support is providing. The only thing I did not plan for was that although the depth was the needed 30.5 inches the soap ... read more dispenser pulls out the front requiring more than 30,5 inches. My old washer had the dispenser on top. So when the stats state in is 30.5 inches it is really deeper. That aside it is a great machine.
  1. 3 months ago
    Awesome computerized washer
    We purchased this 5.5 cu. ft. washer and the matching dryer a few weeks ago. It is advanced beyond belief. It has different sections that pivot in in their own way depending on the load sensing within and a tower sprayer that shoots water thru clothes for complete cleansing. The soap mixes with the water as it enters machine for even disbursements of detergent. I do love going back to top load.
  2. 4 weeks ago
    What a wonderful washer
    I wasn't sure about the LG brand for washers. All of my TVs are LG and my refrigerators, but never a washer. Bought this unit with an open mind and BAM!, it works great. Didn't expect it to be so efficient, but it is. It saves water and has more features than we'll ever use. Best feature, wife is completely satisfied.
  3. 7 months ago
    Exceptional washing machine for working moms
    This washing machine has a special place in my heart. As a working mom, the more I can get done in a load, the better. This machine has a huge capacity. I am already doing one less load a week at minimum. Plus, it's very quiet. In the past, I've limited laundry to mornings, afternoons, and weekends pre-bedtime due to concern about waking my kids. That's not an issue anymore (just remember to turn the signal off). This also brings me to my favorite feature, the child lock. I've never encountered ... read more a child lock setting on a washing machine before. I cannot recall the countless times I've had to restart a washing machine because a little someone fiddled with the settings and stopped the machine somewhere in the cycle (I previously used a front load washer, any adjustment to the settings would effectively end the cycle by draining the drum). Not anymore, game changer! Not only do I like the modern appearance of the washer with it's clear, slamproof lid, I appreciate how easy this washing machine is to use and integrate into my routine. There are so many options, but not so many as to be overwhelming. There are several self-explanatory presets that you can customize by selecting options based on the contents of the wash. And it's a smart machine. I can run it from my phone! I can start/stop remotely and set a timer for a delayed start, all from an app. You'd think the hardest part about the whole process would be remembering to transfer it to the dryer, but wait, there are notifications for that! Not to mention, it's compatible with Google Assistant. Seriously, is there anything this machine can't do?! This has made managing my household duties so much easier. I'm never going back! Lastly, I am also enjoying the energy efficiency of this machine. As opposed to older top loading models, this washer senses the load and approximates the water it should use rather than filling to a set point. Additionally, I am utilizing the coldwash technology that allows me to conserve energy and wash using cold water without compromising on cleanliness. I love this machine so much and am eagerly anticipating the arrival of the dryer I bought to match.
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