LG Chatbot

Ask questions to our Artificial Intelligence LG Chatbot.
Try our 24/7 LG Chatbot first!
You can chat with LG Chatbot supported by AI. Available 24x7 & 365 days

How to Use LG Chatbot

If you want to start a new topic, Say “Cancel” anytime.

Step 1.Open the LG Chatbot
  • Click ‘START LG CHATBOT' and then Click 'Let's Get Started' button to activate LG Chatbot.
Step 2.Click ‘Agree’
  • Read LG Chatbot Privacy policy and click ‘Agree’ button
  • If click ‘Disagree’, Chatbot service becomes unavailable.
  • LG Chatbot will say “Hi! I’m LG Chatbot”
Step 3.Getting to Know
  • LG chatbot understands buttons very well
  • Click a button or type words
    • - Troubleshooting
      Help Library
    • - LG Direct Service
      Request Repair
    • - Searching technicians near me
      Service Center
    • - Live Chat
      Connect to agent
    • - Purchasing parts or Accessories
  • You can tell ‘Cancel’ to start new topic
Step 4.Ask Questions
  • Ask your Question on the Chat box
    LG Chatbot will answer great if you say:
    • 1. A Product
      e.g. Washer or Refrigerator or Magic remote
      * May understand Model Number
    • 2. A Symptom
      e.g. Error code or Leaking
    • 3. Question Categories
      e.g. Help Library, Request a Repair
Step 5.Feedback
  • Let us know how was your LG chatbot experience
  • LG Chatbot will improved by your opinion

Why LG Chatbot is special

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