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Not All Warranties Are Created Equal

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A Great Warranty Is There If You Need It.

Product Warranty

Our commitment to controlling every step of the manufacturing process, from research and design to shipping, ensures we build a superior quality product every time. This commitment allows us to offer one of the best warranties in the business.

Performance Warranty

All solar panels degrade over time, losing efficiency and generating less power, but LG panels are designed with longevity in mind. That's why we are able to offer one of the industry's strongest performance guarantees lasting 25 years. You want your investment generating clean energy long into the future. So do we.

Labor Warranty

If a panel needs replacing, we won’t just cover the cost of the materials, we’ll cover the labor (labor costs in the rare case of a needed module repair or replacement are covered up to $450), too. Ensuring your investment is protected and helping you avoid unexpected expenses. Now, that’s a lot of love.

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