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The Sun Loves LG

And LG loves your home, especially when it comes to solar energy. Our all-weather solar panels are efficient, environmentally friendly, and reliable... even on cloudy days.

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Why Choose LG Solar?

When you are planning a solar project, you want to pick the right products from a brand you know and trust. Our long-standing commitment to quality and innovation makes LG the smart choice.

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25 Year Product, Performance, Labor Warranty

Not All Warranties Are Equal

We control every step of the manufacturing process to ensure a top-quality product. That's why LG can offer one of the best warranties available, including product, performance and labor (labor costs in the rare case of a needed module repair or replacement are covered up to $450). Rest assured, your investment is protected.

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The Sun Loves LG

Superior heat coefficient and industry leading efficiencies mean LG panels capture more energy more of the time, benefiting the environment and your family's finances.

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