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            1. 8 months ago
              Fresh and Clean
              5.5 cubic feet this washer is huge. I love that I no longer need to take my king size bedspread to the dry cleaners because I can save time and money washing it myself! Built with TrueBalance anti-vibration system I am thrilled with how quiet this washing machine is. You can tell it's powerful and my clothes and bedding are spotless. Conserving water and energy is something we should all be doing so I'm glad this has sensing technology so it only uses the minimal water needed to wash the load ... read more and meets the energy star guidelines. The control panel has several one step selections for normal, heavy duty, bedding, deep wash, whites, oxi sanitize, pre wash + normal, delicates, permanent press, speed wash, waterproof and downloaded to fit all your washing needs. While most setting are standard I noticed some new ones for this washer and would like to explain them. The waterproof option is for items that say waterproof on it, such as mattress pad covers. The downloaded option is for small loads such a cloth diapers. The oxi sanitize option is when you're using bleach. While I enjoy the standard cycles you can always customize the settings for each cycle if that's your preference. The owners manual suggests running the tub clean cycle once a month to remove residue and buildup from the washer. I like the smart technology enables me to start it from my phone. I like the delay wash option so I can load and schedule a time for the washer to start after showers nightly when water use isn't high, you can delay a load for up to 19 hours. The stainless steel is beautiful and easy to clean!
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            2. 4 months ago
              Awesome computerized washer
              We purchased this 5.5 cu. ft. washer and the matching dryer a few weeks ago. It is advanced beyond belief. It has different sections that pivot in in their own way depending on the load sensing within and a tower sprayer that shoots water thru clothes for complete cleansing. The soap mixes with the water as it enters machine for even disbursements of detergent. I do love going back to top load.
            3. 8 months ago
              Great product!
              The washer machine is a great washer I have ever had. I used to have i washer with front load, so having the washer with top load is much better. Also, top load allows to load more clothes than the front load. I love the color a lot because it is not silver but graphite silver which makes the product more modern. There are a lot of benefited and features related to this washer. The clock shows exact time. My previous washer damaged the clothes sometimes. This washer is very gentle. I did ... read more recommend this one to all my relatives and friends.
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            1. 2 months ago
              Easy Controls, Quiet Running, Clean Clothes
              I bought this a month ago and I am very pleased. Easy to use and very quiet. My only complaint is I bough the pedestal drawer to store detergents and my medium size bottles are too tall. Fortunately, I have a cabinet in my laundry room that I can store my laundry detergents, otherwise I would be really upset if I was short on room and storage in my laundry room. I paid $300.00+ for the storage pedestal and I can't even store my laundry products in it. I am however, using it to store not so tall ... read more items. It just doesn't make sense that a washer this big purchased by a family of four could at least accomodate medium to large size laundry detergent bottles. They're a better value.
            2. 3 years ago
              Love this washer. Well worth the money.
              I bought the 5.2cuft sized of this same washer in Sept of 2016 and I am enjoying every bit of it. It has a lot of options that suits my needs and it really washes the clothes very well. The nice thing is that you can load a lot more to wash cutting your wash time. Another good feature is that you can add to the wash once the cycle starts. This was one concern for me when considering between top loader vs front loader. I even love turning the light on in the washer and sit and watch the ... read more clothes wash. Such a pretty washer. My one wish though is that the manual was more discriptive as sometimes you would like know what is happening in the cycles. Also the front readout features would say for example second rinse because some cycles do have two rinse but since it does not carry a lot of water you will not see it when rinsing. This is also why I turn on the interior light.
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            3. 3 years ago
              For starters, I own the LG Model WM9000H*A. It features cold wash and turbo wash choices, and I've used both. In fact, I am a certified "dyed-in-the-wool" nerd. Every wash option has been viewed by me.. start to finish. Both wash and rinse technologies are quite impressive. I don't use fabric softener on my underwear, yet my T-Shirts come out of the dryer noticeably softer than they did with the washing machine this LG Washer replaced. Kudos to LG for a premium front loader.
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            1. 5 months ago
              Love the load capacity and features
              The load capacity of this washer is so big! I put in what normally filled my old washer and it usually only fills half the tub. It runs quietly and if you are good about layering clothes, heavy on bottom and lightest on top it stays balanced very nicely during the spin cycle. And as we never had the washer and dryer stands for our front load machines, I can tell you, it is a pleasure to stand up straight while taking my wet laundry out! My two negatives are the start touch function sometimes ... read more does not respond to my finger pressure and it takes multiple tries to trigger it, and the washer manual is primarily all online, so if you want to quickly check how to use a function, you have to have your phone on you to pull up the information.
            2. 4 weeks ago
              Excellent washer
              I have had the LG washer for a few weeks now and I love it. Most importantly, my clothes are much cleaner with this new washer. It is simple to use, extremely quiet and I love the app! Because it's so quiet, having the app alert me that a load is done has been so helpful. And the chimes - so much better than a typical buzz! Well done, LG!
            3. 4 weeks ago
              Second LG Washer
              We bought our first LG about 12 years ago and were so pleased that when we needed a new washer in our Florida home we bought our second LG washer which love just as much. It's kind to the clothes, uses less water and is very energy efficient. So now we have an excellent LG washer in both places.
            1. 2 months ago
              I love our new dryer!!!
              We needed a new dryer and went to Lowe’s. After researching dyers, I found this one at Lowe’s. After my wife looked at it and liked it, I decided to get the matching washer as well. LG makes great stuff and has an excellent warranty. I wish the door switch was easier. It took me an hour to figure out how to disassemble the door and then reassemble it so it would shut. Still happy with my choice and the ratings of others that helped me make this $1200.00 purchase.
            2. 2 weeks ago
              Love it if it does stop all the time
              I bought it two weeks ago and it's okay. Long as the dryer doesn't keep on stopping and restarting itself in the washer stops and goes all the time. I think it's ridiculous at the time when it restarts itself that's wasting more water in my house than it is worth having it sometimes.
            3. 9 months ago
              Love the door and features!
              I bought this dryer a few weeks ago and I love it! I love the way the door opens down creating a chute of sorts so my wet clothes do not fall on the floor. I also love the fact that it also opens to the side making removing laundry so easy. I like the wrinkle guard setting the best! There are a lot of combinations and features on this dryer but is so easy to use! I did not have to keep referring back to the manual! I own an LG washer, stove, and the new knock twice refrigerator. I love them all ... read more and also the Smart ThinkQ feature on them all! I know that when I need to replace my washer it will be an LG!
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            1. 1 month ago
              I bought this a few weeks ago. I love the large loads. I have done 2 queen size blankets at the same time. In a different load I washed 4 standard sized pillows and some random white t shirts. I was a bit skeptical of having a washer without an agitator because I have heard stories from others that their clothes don’t get clean, but I really wanted a large washer and prefer a top loader. I had read reviews of dozens of machines and after reading the consumer reports on this model I set my sights ... read more on this one and have no regrets. Best standard warranty in the business, one of the largest capacities possible, super quiet and an excellent wash.
            2. 4 months ago
              Awesome features/washing, WiFi hard to set up.
              I own this washer for a month and overall I am pleased with the quality and performance. It is huge, quiet, it offers many cycles including the soaking, it allows customization of the cycle by features like Water Plus (add more water for better performance) and Extra Rinse (to remove any detergent residue from the clothes). I also like that it tells exactly how long the cycle will take. The only washing issue I had was with dawn pillows, apparently they become so heavy that the washed ... read more struggles with the spin speed and stops, but still this is towards the end of the rinse phase, it washed them well. My issues with the washer are as follows: 1). The washer's outside water drain hose is VERY short. It created a problem with installation as the Home Depot phone team could not recommend the correct extension and the washer's drain hose was too short to make the washer operational. Phone reps had no clue, LG phone reps the same. I had already signed the paper that I accepted the washer and I was left completely on my own. The service on both Home Depot and LG was awful as they did not know how to solve the short drain hose issue. My husband went to home depot and bought 8 ft EVERBILT Corrugated Washing Machine Discharge Hose. Then he fixed the issue. Why neither Home Depot nor LG could recommend that is beyond me. They should encounter this issue often. Needless to say a professional plumber will charge heftily for solving this problem. 2). The manual on arrival is too short. You have to go online and download a complete one with valuable advice. 3). WiFi function was very difficult to set up. The signal in the basement was not strong enough, so we got a booster. Only after configuring it it turned out that the washed WiFi only accepts 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band but not the modern 5 GHz. We had to reconfigure the booster. Then the setup is still very convoluted with having to enter a meaningless password,etc. We had to do the Google search and find a YouTube customer film on how to do it. LG manual does not give all these details. After all was set and the WiFi connection between the washer and the app was established, it was still not clear how to start the WiFi, you have to press and hold the Remote Start button for some time after starting the washer and choosing the cycle. It took a housewife and two men in the house to make it all work. I don't know how a regular housewife can surmount these issues and complications. Overall this WiFi function is good but very difficult to set up. When the WiFi feature is set up, it gives updates on your phone regarding the cycle, via the installed ThinQ app. 4). The stainless steel tub is nice but the plastic trays for the detergent and softener and their holder look cheap and it's hard to remove/insert them back without fear of breaking them. They do not impress as durable. However you have to take them out so that the washer can dry before the next use, per instructions. Given these pros and cons, I highly recommend to research the product suitability, especially the drain hose length issue. If it's insufficient for your home, a plumber services could be an additional expense. And if you plan to rely on using the WiFi function, be prepared for considerable difficulty in setting it up.
            3. 4 days ago
              Great Washing Machine
              We replaced our Whirlpool washing machine with an LG and we are very impressed with it. It hold a lot of laundry making our chore a cinch to get done. It's relatively quiet and it's easy to use. We will be replacing our old dryer with a new LG dryer and can't wait!
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