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LG SL10YG 5.1.2 Channel 570W Sound Bar w/Meridian Technology & Dolby Atmos


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7.1.4 ch High Res Audio Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos? and Surround Speakers

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LG SPK8-S 2.0 Channel Sound Bar Wireless Rear Speaker Kit


Home Entertainment Savings

LG SL8YG 3.1.2 Channel 440W Sound Bar w/ Meridian Technology & Dolby Atmos


Home Entertainment Savings

LG SL6Y 3.1 Channel 420W Sound Bar w/DTS Virtual X & High Resolution Audio


Home Entertainment Savings

LG SL4Y 2.1 Channel 300W Sound Bar w/ Bluetooth Streaming

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LG XBOOM Go Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speaker with up to 22 Hour Playback


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LG SL5Y 2.1 Channel 400W Sound Bar w/ DTS Virtual: X & High Resolution Audio


Home Entertainment Savings

LG SL9Y 4.1.2 Channel 500W Sound Bar w/ Meridian Technology & Dolby Atmos


LG XBOOM 1800W Home Entertainment System w/ Karaoke & DJ Effects


There is no available product.


Average Rating for Home Audio

  1. 5 months ago
    My LG PK3 Bluetooth Speaker
    I have had this speaker for a few weeks and have used it about 50% of the time. Easy to connect and use, sound quality is good, and battery has held up well while using. The only negative I have with it is the Enhanced Bass feature. I was expecting a more richer sounding bass response, but the sound quality became tinny instead when I enabled this feature. So if you are expecting this feature to deliver richer, fuller sound, try something else.
  2. 1 year ago
    Great little speaker!
    I am pretty impressed with this little speaker. For the size it puts out quite a punch, it can easily fill a room. The battery life is great and its built pretty rugged so its great to take on the go. Being water resistant is another great feature. The bluetooth option is great but I also like that you can hook up any device with an aux cable. I would recommend this speaker, its pretty great.
    Sweepstakes entry received for review.
  3. 1 year ago
    Awesome Speaker, Crisp Sound, Sleek Look
    I love the LG PK3 IPX7. My first impression when I opened the box and held it was that this was a high quality well built speaker. It felt durable and had a slight weight to it that felt like a quality build, unlike cheap speakers that have a bit of a light weight/plastic more "hollow" feel to them. The design is sleek and pleasant, connecting to my phone was a breeze and quick. I like the waterproof feel of the buttons on top and the charger/aux port on back was very well made and insulated ... read more with plastic to keep safe from water. The sound was very crisp and clear, the bass was very good and filled my living room with a nice amount of rich sound for such a small speaker. I like that the bass wasn't too over the top it felt like a perfect balance to me with the bass enhanced. I gave this speaker a very good go around as I use portable speakers daily at work. The battery life was perfect for me, I have used it daily and had no issues whatsoever. I would highly recommend this speaker!
    Sweepstakes entry received for review.
  1. 1 year ago
    It’s a great little gadget, but I have an iPhone and can’t make calls, which sucks!!!
    Sweepstakes entry received for review.
  2. 1 year ago
    Speaker That Sounds and Looks Cool
    I thought WK7 LG ThinQ? Speaker with Google Assistant Built-In is a good speaker. I really enjoy the Google Home assistant. I did have a little problem setting it up out of the box. I also wish I could use this speaker as a speaker for plug in devices, I think that would be really cool. The sound was good and the device looks nice and sleek.
    Sweepstakes entry received for review.
  3. 3 months ago
    One great speaker
    This speaker is really loud it sounds like a regular stereo i absolutely love my speaker wouldn't trade it for nothing 5'Stars
  1. 6 months ago
    Awesome Soundbar
    This soundbar looks great on my mantle and provides excellent sound. The slim design fits and matches nicely with my TV. The different sound options allow me to customize how I hear movies, music, and games. The sub-woofer provides great bass and really helps movies come to life. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion
    Sweepstakes entry received for review.
  2. 8 months ago
    Full and Immersive Sound
    I've owned the soundbar, as well as the rear speaker kit, for about 3 weeks now. The sound is wonderful when watching films, television, and playing video games. I would recommend the set. I also own a LG OLED television and they play quite well together. Using the optical audio cable and an HDMI cable, there is dual control and they power on/off together.
  3. 6 months ago
    Hear it all!
    I received the LG SL9YG Sound Bar at a discounted price for my honest review. I am so happy I got this Sound bar! It is amazing!! I can hear all the sounds so clear, even the twigs breaking when they step on them in the shows. On one show there was thunder in the background and my husband asked if it was starting to storm outside! It makes all our shows and movies sound great without a bunch of wires or speakers all over our room. There is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability to hook up to your ... read more phone and the subwoofer. We used the optical cord to hook ours up and it went quickly. Hanging it on our wall was simple too! This product is top notch in sound quality and easy to use.
    Sweepstakes entry received for review.
  1. 6 months ago
    Powerful realistic sound
    I received this LG SL7Y at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion. To start off the installation is super easy and comes with a wall bracket install guide for the positioning of brackets. Since my TV had the optical output, used the included optical cable. Configuration of wireless network is simple, using the LG Wi-FI Speaker app. If you need any other connection methods, those cables are not included. Once the Wi-Fi was configured, it required no complex configuration in my ... read more Google Home app, other than assigning a room, and change the name. The small size of the speaker and sub woofer is deceiving, the sound is amazingly loud complemented with the 220W subwoofer. Great selection of sound modes with my favorite the DTS Virtual:X which creates a more realistic overhead effect which makes everything feel real ( Watch out for those Thriller movies loud effects, if you a jolter like me). The integration with google, we can redirect Pandora music to the LG soundbar directly from a google home speaker. I tried classical and rock channels and they all sounded amazing. All in all the speaker is a great addition to a TV/Family room, and already considering a second one and is well recommended.
    Sweepstakes entry received for review.
  2. 6 months ago
    nice sound bar
    it was really easy to set up. sound is great i like that it keeps the commercials at the same sound level. The DTS is ok. i do like that you can hook up other wireless speakers to it. i do find that i have to change the setting to what i am watching like sports. what i dont like is that you have to use the app to use some of the settings like the one that keeps the commercials at the same sound level i like all the settings on the remote but all in all it is a really nice sound bar for the ... read more price. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion
    Sweepstakes entry received for review.
  3. 6 months ago
    LG SL7Y soundbar
    i will have to add to this review after i get the soundbar hooked up. i received the soundbar box opened it up all ready to setup and found that the box was missing the power cables, cords, the remote, the manual. i am in the process of trying to get the parts from lg. so i will update this review was i get it hooked up to my lg tv.* UPDATE: Lg parts/service was great, called the number on the box and in 4 days I had all the missing items. setup was a breeze, just plug and play. for my use I ... read more hooked up the optical cable from my tv to the back of the sound bar and powered on it was ready to go. after hooking up I purchased the rear speakers to complete the surround sound in my family room. it was a great upgrade from my tv speakers. another nice feature is you can download the lg speaker app to control the sound bar and settings from your phone. i'm pleased with the lg soundbar and now my setup is complete. Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.
    Sweepstakes entry received for review.
  1. 9 months ago
    Good sound for those in the soundbar market
    I got this on a pretty good deal recently to pair with an LG OLED television. I got this and the back speakers separately . I highly recommend them if you're picking this up. Setup of the bar and speakers wasn't bad but i'd like a better breakdown of which wire hookup is optimal and what the settings on the bar do for the experience. I had to go into the menu to activate surround sound which didn't seem intuitive at all. Overall I came from one of the competitors which sounded great. This thing ... read more sounds amazing and I highly recommend it if you have the coin.
    Sweepstakes entry received for review.
  2. 3 weeks ago
    Wonderful Sound
    We have had our LG OLED tv for awhile now, and love it. We were still using our old sound bar. Finally decided to upgrade to a new sound bar. The new one , with rear speakers, is big step up. They really work well with Dolby Atmos from the tv. Being surrounded by sound really duplicates a theatre experience. I have been very happy with the new LG sound system!
  3. 2 weeks ago
    Great Sound
    I bought an LG TV and LG Soundbar - I haven't had a TV in at least 5 years. This is a huge improvement since the last time I purchased these items 15 years ago. I'm not someone who is very educated about electronics but I do like to buy the best. I watched, listened, and read some reviews for many systems over the past several months and LG was the obvious choice. The sales woman at Best Buy really took the time to go over all the features and compare the LG TV and Soundbar to other brands. ... read more You get what you pay for.
  1. 1 month ago
    Perfect for me
    Got this for christmas and absolutely love it. If you have a google home setup that you are looking to expand and also want a great sounding soundbar this is a great choice. Love the adjustability of the individual speakers.
  2. 9 months ago
    It sounds great but...
    Like I said it sounds great, but the subwoofer is wireless and it keeps cutting out which ruins the movie experience. Also the 4k passthrough will not allow dolby vision to passthrough to the tv only hdr10, I the C8 and a Xbox one x and they both support dolby vision my xbox even tells me my tv supports dolby vision well it's connected to the soundbar, but it won't display dolby vision only hdr 10. I hope there's a firmware update that adresses this in the future.
    Sweepstakes entry received for review.
  3. 1 week ago
    Nice companion for the LG tv
    I bought this with the 65c9 tv as a bundle deal and it works great. The Dolby vision feature is amazing. Coming from a Samsung set up I am blown away by the combo. Really happy customer so far.
  1. 1 year ago
    Amazing sound
    Let me start with the sound quality first because that is the main reason why people buy speakers. To my surprise, the sound quality is way-way better than many speakers I had in past. You can feel the bass. It's super easy to install and operate. My 4 years old learned that in 1 day. Another good feature is the battery backup. It's amazing. I've tried that 3 times and it's definitely more than 15 hours. My 4-year-old accidentally spilled water on it when I was opening the box but as expected ... read more that didn't impact the speakers because they are water resistant. It's very easy to pair with Bluetooth and to connect with a 3.5 mm jack cable. The mood light can be turned on/off on this unit by pressing and holding the light bulb icon button for two seconds. The mood light synchronizes with your music. The only drawback is it doesn't have support for optical output cable. But that's okay because it's too much to ask from a Bluetooth speaker. Overall I'm very happy with it.
    Sweepstakes entry received for review.
  2. 1 year ago
    Amazing build quality
    I really enjoyed the battery life. The Bluetooth connectivity is also very good, never had disruptions or signal breaks. It is very easy to use. I personally like the design (my wife didn't). I don't like the lights, but since we can disable it, its fine. I like the extra connection with P2 port. I think the sound is good and clear, although I was expecting the bass to be loader at lower volumes. Build quality is fantastic, it seems something that can resit to a lot, which is pretty impressive. ... read more I didn't like the fact that it needs a more powerful charger which is not included. If it requires something out of ordinary, like a 2A charger it should included, otherwise people can dislike the product due to a simple detail like this. I also had to read the manual carefully to figure that out.
    Sweepstakes entry received for review.
  3. 3 weeks ago
    Good speaker
    I like the speaker. The sound is really good. Excellent bass. The downside is that is supposed to last 18 hours. But even at 50% of volume i only can use it like 8 hours maximum. And at 50% of volume is not too laud. It just ok. If you put it at 100% of volume sound ridiculously good. So. Is a great speaker with nice design and really good sound but a weak battery life.
  1. 1 year ago
    I bought this a week ago and am more than pleased. I have 2 UE Boom and Wonderboom speakers . This sounds better than the UEs although they are great. I liked that this includes aptx for the best audio on android phones and tablets. Not many speakers in this category have aptx. All other speakers seem to focused on Apple AAC or only include SBC. The only feature I would like to see is full waterproof like UEs and JBL.
    Sweepstakes entry received for review.
  2. 8 months ago
    Powerful and Clear Personal Speaker
    After 1 month of owning the PK7 I am very happy with it! The sound quality is better than other comparable speakers in the market. It is great for both music and audio-books/podcasts since one can regulate bass and treble. It is ideal for personal use at the beach, park, pool or around the house. It is also good in small gatherings. This speaker is not the loudest. However, other speakers that are louder are more expensive and tend to distort the sound when volume is at max. This speaker ... read more does not lose quality at any level. The speaker looks cool and it feels durable. I am satisfied with the LGBT PK7 and I strongly recommend it.
    Sweepstakes entry received for review.
  3. 1 year ago
    Awesome Awesome Product to Have
    I Tried This Product and Its Really Impressive Over My Current Other Brand Portable Bluetooth Speakers. Really Awesome Sound and Bass Is Really Good You Can Fell all The Beats and Enjoy It. I Recommended This Product.
    Sweepstakes entry received for review.
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